MiniBom #7 – 22/07/2022 – Giù per le scale di cantina!
Listen: Anchor, Spotify.
Honoré Zanchi, France info, France TV, Wikipedia.
Serhiy Tkach, Wikipedia, La tela nera, Aodain Phelan su Youtube.

MiniBom #6 – 17/06/2022 – Tié!
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Christina e Levi Karlsen, Heavy,, That Chapter, ABC, Oxygen, Citizens against homicide.
Caesar Sosa, Bleacher report, The Independent, Conferenza stampa.

MiniBom #5 – 27/05/2022 – Giù le mani!
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Shawn Hornbeck e Ben Ownby, St. Louis post dispatch, Better Off Red su Youtube, Crime Museum, All that’s interesting.
Steve Carter, Daily Mail, CNN, CBS.

MiniBom #4 – 29/04/2022 – Ahoy!
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Joseph Kerwin, The casual criminalist, Dark corners of history, Rachel_Tries_Hard su YouTube.
Zheng Yi Sao, Wikipedia, National Geographic.
Video in cucina.

MiniBom #3 – 25/03/2022 – Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!
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Elaine O’Hara, Wikipedia, The Independent, The Cinemaholic, Irish Mirror, BBC, Chilling crimes, Dublin live, The Sun, Irish Times 1, Irish Times 2.
Omicidi di Maamtrasna, Wikipedia, Lovin IE, The Maamtrasna Murders: Language, Life, and Death in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, The Independent.

MiniBom #2 – 25/02/2022 – Sa di veleno!
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Marie-Madeleine d’Aubray, Wikipedia 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Marie Lafarge, Wikipedia, New Yorker, Geri Walton, Vanilla Magazine, Murderpedia, JSTOR daily, National Geographic, SciHi.

MiniBom #1 – 28/01/2022 – Certamente fantasmi!
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Teresita Basa, Vocal Media, DNA info, Unsolved Mysteries, Medium, The line-up, Historic Mysteries, Paranorms.
L’orrore di Amityville, NY Post, Wikipedia, Medium.